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Tips / Pommeransen / Pommerances





14 mm, Soft
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14 mm, Medium 
 Red Online Price: €  13,00
 The brand new premium cue tip Magister from is traditionally handcrafted by Japanese master craftsmen and is one of the best in the world. It is made of 9 layers of the finest pig skin which is very resistant against deformation. Its excellent elasticity and form stability ensure constant performance and reliability for highest precision and maximum cue ball control. The highly porous leather retains chalk longer, which facilitates effectiveness shots and reduces misscueing. The special coloured layers maintain the excellent playablity due to a unique tanning method. Moreover the red layer illustrates optically the ideal time to change the tip in order to protect your ferrule.



10 mm
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 Red Online Price: €  1,00



Rei Samurai White

14 mm, Soft
 handmade, Japan, 8 layers, 100% premium horse skin leather 
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Moori Tips Slow (Soft)

14 mm
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13 mm
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13 mm Brown, Soft
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13 mm Brown, Medium 
 Red Online Price: €  16,00