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Buffalo 3/4 jointed Snooker Cue Set

Buffalo 3/4 jointed Snooker Cue

3/4 jointed Snooker Cue Set "Buffalo" (Pure) 

incuded Mini Butt and Ebonished Extension 

and a Suitable Case 

€ 169,00

+ extra included: 1x Supafile, 1x Standard Towel, 1x Magnetic Chalkholder, 2x Chalk, 1x Shaft Smooter Burnisher)

(21% VAT/BTW included, inbegrepen)  + Free delivery by BPOST in Belgium

Predator SP2 REVO1        Limited Edition    

The people’s champion. Featuring Predator’s championship winning C4

+ butt construction and the ground breaking REVO carbon fiber composite shaft

every limited production SP REVO 1 cue was designed and developed to give your game the upper hand on the competition.

€ 935,00

Cue Craft Snooker Cue 3/4 jointed CC14       € 399,00

PowerGlide Snooker Deluxe Wallet        € 33,00


Ball Cleaner Ballstar Pro, white, (57mm) with Accessories      € 645,00

Pool Billiard Dynamic Diner Table 7 feet          € 1895,00