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Cue Tools

Cue Tools




Magnetic Chalk Holder        Leather Chalk Pouche

Without the chalk                                       Peradon products
 Red Online Price: €  5,00                          Red Online Price: €  10,00

Cue Tools 

Cue Shaft Slicker

To polish your shaft
 Red Online Price: €  3,00



For your tip. Black or Red (can vary)
 Red Online Price: €  3,00



Rougher Hedgehog 'Tip Pik'

For your tip. Gold or Silver color (can vary)
 Red Online Price: €  8,00


Ulti*Mate Cue Tip Tool

Popular multi functional cue tip tool
 Red Online Price: €  18,50 




Porper's Cute Rite

Cute rite, Tip shaper cutter
 Red Online Price: €  19,90 


'Top Gun' Cleanerset

Shaft Cleaner: cleans and polishes your cue, water-ressistant, gloss effect, easy handling,inclusive one microfibre towel
Ferrule Cleaner: removes dirt, restores the original color of your ferrule, removes remaining chalk
 Red Online Price: €  10,00 




Gloves 'Cuetec'                    Gloves 'Dynamic'

3-finger, black, for both hands, universal.            3-finger, blue, for both hands, universal
 Red Online Price: €  10,00                                   Red Online Price: €  10,00 




Towel 8-ball                Towel 9-ball

 Red Online Price: €  7,00 pp